Pompoarismo Male

Course topics Male Group:


* Male pompoarismo: Prof. Carlos
* Sexual Massage: the presence of Prof. and Prof. Carlos Celine
* What Women Want: Prof. Celine Imaguire

Classes to 10 students (all male)
Duration of 7:30 pm (may be taught in 1 day or 2 nights)


* Only the male pompoarismo.
* Subject to availability of the agenda
* Prof Carlos to his city.
* Duration 3hs
* Call for more information.

Information and registration through the headphones:

  • (11) 7140-2040 - São Paulo                                                       
  • (41) 3264-5572 e 3018-3357 - Curitiba                                                      
  • (21) 9657-5030 - Rio de Janeiro                                                       
  • (43) 9157-2883 - Londrina                                                       
  • (48) 9118-6130 - Florianópolis


Learn more about the courses for men and their goals:

Pompoarismo MALE:

Benefits pompoarismo Male:
• Improve public health and the sexual and romantic relationship.
• Maintain the ability to seduce and win the woman he loves restoring joy and brightness of the beginning of the relationship.

Learn the secrets of the Oriental art of lovemaking:

• Be different from the traditional, through these secret techniques awaken the love and passion for your partner.
• Prevent urinary incontinence.
• Keep the same levels of your sex life (health and prolong youth sexuality for much longer).
Extend the time of erection:

• Using all-natural methods (The Male pompoarismo makes no use of accessories).
• Prevent premature ejaculation.
• Enhances the erector muscles of the penis.
In the course you will learn how very important imformações further satisfy your partner with differential and sophistication and tips on women's erogenous zones, etc..

With the participation of Professor. Prof. Carlos and Celine (live class) with massage techniques Indian, Thai and Japanese.
With this course you can give your wife all the pleasure of a sexual massage, sensual, fulfilling the dream of having a female man knowledgeable of these ancient techniques. This course is taught only in groups. Find out!


Techniques for the mad wife in bed taught by Dr. Celine Imaguire and gain valuable knowledge to let your girlfriend or wife delighted.

* Increase your sexual creativity;
* Learn all the secrets of how to play and stimulate the G spot and clitoris;
* How to get her to orgasms;
* Techniques and sexual positions to better meet his beloved;
* Tips on how to become more attractive, loving, romantic, satisfying the deepest emotions of a woman.

Our group courses are taught by Prof.. Carlos Kadosh with participation of Prof.. Celine Imaguire, not containing any type of nudity or embarrassment respecting the individuality of each student. Recommended for men of all ages from its maioridade.Visando especially the prevention and helping the man to have more sexual health.
(Always in cases of disease and sexual problems consult your medical specialist)

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